Face Shield with Head Strap (Pack of 100)

Face Shield with Head Strap (Pack of 100)

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As a result of the COVID-19 related domestic shortage on PPE, Harbor Importers is working to ship as many of the Face Shields with Head Straps to the US as possible.   We are bulking all orders together to bring in shipments of 10,000 shields as frequently as possibly (in most cases one to two times per week).   Your order lead time will vary based on the quantity remaining to reach this order.  Lead times are typically 10-15 working days after your order is placed.

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The face shield with head strap features direct splash protection, covering the entire face and neck area.  Shield dimensions are 32 x 22 cm.  

Bulk pricing is available - please contact us!

If buying by the carton, 200 face shields are included per carton.